KubeSpray is an incubated Kubernetes community project for deploying K8S clusters on-premise or in the cloud. The project source code is open source and covered by the Apache 2.0 license. It’s based on Ansible playbooks, and has seen participation from over 90 contributors.

Key Kubespray features include:

  • K8S deployment on AWS, GCE, Azure, OpenStack or Bare Metal
  • Support for deployment of HA K8S clusters
  • Composable architecture with choice of network plugin
  • Support for various popular Linux distributions

Kubespray.io also provides a free lightweight SaaS service for deploying K8S to AWS or Digital Ocean (with more options coming soon), based on the same exact open codebase. During the deployment process via SaaS, Kubespray.io exposes a live log stream of the deployment, making it straightforward to troubleshoot any errors and file bugs. The SaaS service aims to further simplify K8S deployment on any cloud using Kubespray, help accelerate Kubespray usage, make it easy to find and report bugs, and ultimately enable the community to build a better open, composable, and infrastructure-agnostic deployment engine for Kubernetes.